EMC Compo 09

Three awards have been given, under the responsibility of Dr. Sonia BEN DHIA, scientific chair of the Workshop, based 50% on the reviewer's ranking, and 50% on the attendee's vote.

M. Deobarro (left) and H.H. Park (right) receiving their award by Dr. Denis GRIOT, Freescale

E. Sicard (left), general chair, with S. Jarrix (right) best paper award EMC Compo 2009

EMC Compo 07

Thre awards have been given by Prof. Franco FIORI, general chair, to:

EMC Compo 05

Thre awards have been given by Dr. Ing. Thomas STEINECKE, general chair, to:

EMC Compo 04

Three best student paper awards have been given by Dr. Mohamed RAMDANI, general chair, to:

  1. A. Tankielun, (P. Kralicek, U. Keller, E. Sicard, B. Vrignon), "Influence of Core Optimisation and Activity for Electromagnetic Near-Field and Conducted Emissions of CESAME Test Chip"
  2. B. Vrignon, (S. Ben Dhia, E. Lamoureux, E. Sicard), "Evaluation of Low Emission IC Design Techniques Efficiency"
  3. Y. Quéré, (T. Le Gouguec, P.M. Martin, D. Le Berre, F. Huret, L. David, C. Crégut, F. Nyer, J.C. Marin), "A Design Rule for Improved EMC Behavior of High-Speed VLSI Circuits"

The best paper was: R. Perdriau, M. Ramdani, J.L. Levant, A. Meresse, A.M. Trullemans, "Reusable Activity Models for EMC Prediction in Integrated Circuits"