Photos of EMC Compo 09

The attendees at the very end of the EMC COMPO 2009 workshop

The auditorium during the main session.


F. Maradei, IEEE EMC Society president-elect, welcome talk during the opening ceremony

T. Steinecke , EMC Compo 2005 chair, and T. Hubbing, IEEE EMC Society past-president

F. Fiori, EMC Compo 2007 chair, with the official EMC Compo 09 polo


Three awards have been given, under the responsibility of Dr. Sonia BEN DHIA, scientific chair of the Workshop, based 50% on the reviewer's ranking, and 50% on the attendee's vote.

M. Deobarro (left picture, at left) and H.H. Park (right picture, at left) receiving their award by Dr. Denis GRIOT, Freescale (right of pictures), under the responsibility of Dr. Sonia BEN DHIA (center of pictures)

E. Sicard (left), general chair, with S. Jarrix (right) best paper award EMC Compo 2009

S. Ben Dhia (left), scientific chair, with B. Vrignon (right) scientific co-chair EMC Compo 2009

E. Sicard (left), EMC Compo 2009 general chair, with M. Ramdani (right) EMC Compo 2009 co-chair, during closing ceremony

M. Blaimont (left), EMC Compo 2009 organizer, with B. Desaunettes (right) President AMPERE (opening talk)

The scientific committee of EMC Compo 2009 at the SC dinner at "les copains d'abord", Nov 17th.