Technical Program EMC Compo 09

Day 1 - Tuesday 17th, November 2009


Tutorial 9:00 am - 1:00pm

Eight reknown specialists have contribute to a Tutorial on Tuesday morning Nov. 17th 2009, dealing with :

Part I - new IEC measurement methods

  • F. Klotz, Infineon : Stripline test method
  • F. Fiori, Polito : Electrical Fast Transient
  • F. Hoeppe, Nexio : Reverberating Mode Chamber applied to ICs
  • D. Pommerenke, MS&T : Near-field scan

Coffee break at PATIO 10:30am

    Part II - new IEC modeling standards

    • O. Wada, Kyoto University : General modeling framework
    • M. Yokomiso, Starc : Black box modeling
    • J. L. Levant, Atmel, and F. Lafon, Valeo: IC Immunity Model
Warning: the tutorial is only available for attendees who register to the "Tutorial only" or "Regular + Tutorials ", see the registration for more information.

Tutorial Lunch at PATIO 1:00 - 2:00 pm


Warning: the tutorial lunch is only available for attendees who register to the tutorial.

Opening Session 2:00 - 2:30 pm

Opening talk, E. Sicard, INSA, M. Ramdani, ESEO, S. Ben Dhia, INSA

Welcome from B. Desaunettes, Aerospace Valley

Welcome Message from the IEEE EMC Society President-elect Prof. Francesca Maradei, University of Roma Italy

Chair : Etienne SICARD, Scientific chair: Sonia BEN DHIA

Invited talk 2:30 - 3:00 pm

C. Escoffre , Freescale

Invited speaker: Claude ESCOFFRE, Freescale SAS Toulouse, France, introduced by Dr. Mohamed RAMDANI, vice-chair of EMC Compo 09


Session I1 3:00 - 4:40 pm - Amphi

Immunity Characterization (i1)

Chair I1: F. Klotz, T. Steinecke
33 - Investigation on the Susceptibility of Integrated Current Sensors to EMI Franco Fiori, Politecnico di Torino
Orazio Aiello, Istituto Superiore M. Boella
4-Susceptibility of a Brokaw Bandgap to High Electromagnetic Interference

Ognjen Jovic, Robert Bosch GmbH
Wolfgang Wilkening, Robert Bosch GmbH
Uwe Stuermer, Robert Bosch GmbH
Adrijan Baric, Robert Bosch GmbH

29-Extending the Frequency Range of the Direct Power Injection Test: Uncertainty Considerations and Modeling Approach Frederic Lafon, Valeo
Mohamed Ramdani, ESEO
Richard Perdriau, ESEO
François De Daran, Valeo
Mhamed Drissi, INSA Rennes
34-Electromagnetic immunity design of smart power high side switches Paolo Del Croce, Infineon Austria
Bernd Deutschmann, Infineon Munich
51-Analysis and Experimental Verification of SSN-to-Jitter Transfer Function on DLL considering Hierarchical Power Distribution Network Minchul Shin, KAIST
Jongjoo Shim, KAIST
Joungho Kim, KAIST

4:40-5:10 - Coffee Break close to ORATORIO

Session F1 5:10 - 6:30 pm - Amphi

ESD Protection Effects (f1)

Chair F1: F. Fiori, D. Pommerenke
43-Near Field Resonance Scaning as a Method for Analyzing Coupling for ESD and radiated immunity Dazhao Liu, MUST
Jiang Xiao, MUST
Wei Huang, MUST
George Muchaidze, MUST
Peng Shao, MUST
Jin Min,MUST
James Drewniak, MUST
David Pommerenke, MUST
35-EMI behavior of active triggered ESD protection for automotive applications

Bernhard Weiss, Austriamicrosystems
Dieter Maier, austriamicrosystems
Rainer Minixhofer, austriamicrosystems

48-Diodes and ESD Protections Capacitive Effects: Time-Domain Measurements and Modeling Bruno Ben M'Hamed, XLIM
François Torrès, XLIM
Reineix Alain, XLIM/Univ de Limoges
Patrick Hoffmann, DGA CEG
42-Correlating ESD scanning results to circuit behaviour Fan Zhou, MUST
David Pommerenke, MUST
Gang Feng, MUST


PhD Seminar 3:00 - 8:00 pm Room SERIA

Chair: Richard PERDRIAU

Click here for more information about the PhD seminar




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IZM Fraunhofer Institute

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Univ. of Campinas

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LATTIS Freescale Semi.

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LATTIS Freescale Semi.

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IMS Atmel Nantes

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Valeo INSA Rennes

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Telecom Bretagne Thalès LJS

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Univ. of Ilmenau Infineon

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--+ End day 1 +--


Day 2 - Wednesday 18th, November 2009

Invited talk 9:00- 9:30 am


Invited speaker: Prof. David POMMERENKE, Missouri University of Science & Technology, USA, introduced by Dr. Mohamed RAMDANI, vice-chair of EMC Compo 09 (More information...)

Session H1 9:30 - 10:30 am - Amphi

EMC harsh environment (h1)


Chair H1: R. Fernandez, F. Lafon
45 - Experimental study and development of an “EMC-thermal stress” test bench used in Mode Stirred Reverberation Chamber “MSRC” Boulzazen Habib, IRSEEM/ESIGELEC
Fouquet François, IRSEEM/ESIGELEC
Reineix Alain, XLIM/Univ de Limoges
19 - Characterization of the electromagnetic robustness of a nanoscale CMOS integrated circuit Binhong LI, INSA
Sonia Ben Dhia, INSA
Alexandre Boyer, INSA
Amadou Ndoye, INSA
56 - New tool for characterizations of electronic components radiated emissions under thermal constraints Mohamed el Amine Malki, IRSEEM-ESIGELEC
Mohamed Ramdani, ESEO

10:30-11:00 am - Coffee Break close to ORATORIO

Session I2 11:00 - 12:40 am - Amphi

Immunity / Emission model ( i2)

Chair I2: T. Hubing, B. Deutschmann
24 - Immunity Modeling of Integrated Circuits: An Industrial Case

Frederic Lafon, Valeo
38 - An analog to digital converter ICIM-CI model based on design

Jean-Baptiste GROS, IMS Bordeaux
Genevieve Duchamp, IMS Bordeaux
Alain Meresse, IMS Bordeaux
Jean-Luc Levant, Atmel
Christian Marot, EADS-IW

58 - Radiation Modeling and Electromagnetic Simulation of an Active Circuit
Priscila Fernandez Lopez, IRSEEM / ESIGELEC
Christian Arcambal, IRSEEM / ESIGELEC
Serge Verdeyme, XLIM
Belahcene Mazari, IRSEEM / ESIGELEC

60 - ICEM extraction methodology

Sebastien Serpaud, Nexio
Jean-Luc Levant, Atmel
Séreirath TRAN, Airbus France
16 - The Electromagnetic Immunity Behavior of Microcontrollers Thomas Steinecke, Infineon
Tao Su, Infineon
Markus Unger, Infineon
Robert Weigel, University of Erlangen

12:40 am -2:00 pm - Lunch Break

Poster & Demo Session 2:00 - 3:30 pm - Room

Modelling (P1)

Chair P2: A. Boyer
13 - Getting the most out of frequency spreading John Shepherd, Freescale Semiconductor
Eric Rolland, Freescale Semiconductor
Kamel Abouda, Freescale Semiconductor
Philippe Meunier, Freescale Semiconductor
2-Pin-Pair Oriented Extraction Method for True Differential Pair Buffer Behavioral Modeling

Lance Wang, IO Methodology Inc.

40-Practical Simulation of TEM-cell Coupling to PCB Tracks in the Circuit Simulator Renaud Gillon, On Semiconductor Belgium BVBA
Filip Vanhee, FMEC, KHBO
Adrijan Baric, FER, UZAG
Trvtko Mandic, FER, UZAG
Johan Catrysse, FMEC, KHBO
36-Mixed electrical and thermal model for Integrated Circuits pulse behaviour prediction Sophie Rigour, VALEO
Frederic Lafon, VALEO
François De Daran,VALEO
55-Industrial approach of SMPS modeling Yannick Poiré, Nexio
Sébastien Serpaud, Nexio
Benoit Ejarque, Continental
Séreirath TRAN, Airbus France
7-Discrete spread-spectrum sampling (DSSS) to reduce RF emission and bead frequency issues
Mart Coenen, EMCMCC
8-Integrated Circuit Emission Model Extraction Based on Fuzzy Logic Systems Ming-Jen KUO, FCU
Tsung-Chih Lin, FCU
Alexandre Boyer, INSA
11-Combined Effects Induced by Electromagnetic Pulses and Single Event Effect on Electronics
Olivier Maurice, Gerac
Guillaume Hubert, ONERA
Rémi Gaillard, Consultant
17-Analysis of Entire Power Distribution Network and Co-Design Optimization Narimasa Takahashi, IBM Japan
Nose Masahide, Shibaura Institute of Technology
Satoshi Kaneko, Shibaura Institute of Technology
Yo Takahashi, Shibaura Institute of Technology
18-Characterization of the Susceptibility of Microcontroller to Conducted Continuous-wave Interference
Fayu Wan, Irseem/Esigelec
44-The Combined Modeling of Skin, Proximity, and Surface Roughness Effects with an Adapted Filament Model Brian Curran, Fraunhofer IZM
5-Direct Power Injection Sensitivity Analysis Tool
Wolfgang Wilkening, Robert Bosch GmbH
Ognjen Jovic, Robert Bosch GmbH
Uwe Stuermer, Robert Bosch GmbH
53-Chip-Package-PCB Co-simulation of Power Switching Current from Chip on PCB Hyun Ho Park, Samsung Electronics
Seung-Hyun Song, Samsung Electronics
Sang-Tae Han, Samsung Electronics
Tae-Sun Jang, Samsung Electronics
Jin-Hwan Jung, Samsung Electronics
Hark-Byeong Park, Samsung Electronics
62-Analytical analysis on transmission line coupling in non uniform field environment Christelle Leseigneur, IRSEEM / ESIGELEC
Priscila Fernandez Lopez, IRSEEM / ESIGELEC
22-Rigorous Characterization of Bond Wires for RF, Microwave and Millimeter Wave Applications Marco Kunze, CST AG
Irina Munteanu, CST AG

4:40-5:10 - Coffee Break close to ORATORIO

Session E1 3:30 - 5:10 pm - Amphi

Emission Modelling (E1)

Chair E1: O. Maurice, O. Wada
15-Layout-Based Chip Emission Models Using RedHawk Thomas Steinecke, Infineon
Mehmet Goekcen, Infineon
Jacek Kruppa, Infineon
Nicolas Vialle, Apache
Pius Ng, Apache
47-Solving ASIC decoupling with the ICEM-CE model

Jean-Luc Levant, Atmel

23-ASIC decoupling optimization with ICEM-CE and genetic algorithm

Christian Marot, EADS-IW
Jean-Luc Levant, Atmel

66-Measurement Methods to Characterize Conducted EMI Sources

Hocheol Kwak, Clemson Unviersity
Haixin Ke, Clemson University
Todd Hubing, Clemson University

28-Quantifying Decoupling Capacitor Placement for Enhancement of Power and Signal Integrity in Electronic Packages and ICs Zaw Oo, A*STAR
Erping Li, A*STAR


Bus departure to Chateau St Louis

6:15 pm in front of Hotel ATRIA - Warning: bus departure at 6:30 pm

Social event : Gala Dinner 7:30-10:30 pm

With the participation of INSA Music section under the direction of Laurent Gregoire

at Chateau St Louis, including a visit of the Chateau (wine factory)

The gala dinner of EMC Compo 09 will be organized at Chateau St Louis, Fronton Winery, 50 Km north of Toulouse. Buses with pick attendees around 7:00pm in front of Hotel ATRIA (more information...)


Musical program:

  Bus leaves from Chateau St Louis around 11:00 pm to Hotel ATRIA, arrival 11:45 pm

--+ End day 2 +--


Day 3 - Thursday 19th, November 2009

Session M1 9:00 - 10:30 am - Amphi

Innovative EMC measurement method (m1)


Chair M1: M. Coenen, J. Shepherd
31 - IC- Stripline for Susceptibility and Emission Testing of ICs
Bernd Körber, FTZ Zwickau
Frank Klotz, Infineon
68 - Use of on-chip sampling sensor to evaluate conducted RF disturbances propagated inside an integrated circuit
Mikael Deobarro, Freescale
Bertrand VRIGNON, Freescale
Sonia Ben Dhia, INSA
Alexandre Boyer, INSA
32 - Resistive RF injection Probe Test Method
Jean-Luc Levant, Atmel
65 - Development of EMC/EMI Characterization Tool in LTCC Format
Bachir Tamer, Carleton University
Langis Roy, Carleton University
Alexandre Boyer, INSA
67 - Fingerprinting Hardware Security Module Using ICs Radiations Amine Dehbaoui, LIRMM
Philippe Maurine, LIRMM
Victor Lomne, LIRMM
Lionel Torres, LIRMM

10:40-11:10 am - Coffee Break close to ORATORIO

Session I2 11:10 - 12:30 am - Amphi

Immunity Measurement (m2)

Chair M2: C. Marot, W. Wilkening
57 - A Study of the Conducted Interference Induced by Near-Field Injection in Integrated Circuits
Lakhdar Bouchelouk, ESEO
Richard Perdriau, ESEO
Mohamed Ramdani, ESEO
30 - Measurement and Simulation of Electromagnetic Interference in 3G Mobile Components

Céline Dupoux, Freescale
Samuel Akue Boulingui, IUT Tarbes
Etienne Sicard, INSA
Stéphane Baffreau, IUT Tarbes
Nicolas Bouvier, Freescale
39 - Electromagnetic Susceptibility studies of Op. Amps. and a VCO for a PLL application

Sylvie Jarrix, IES
Tristan Dubois, IES
Jeremy Raoult, IES
Annick Penarier, IES
Philippe Nouvel, IES
Daniel Gasquet, IES
Bruno Azais, DGA

41 - Local probe injection compared to direct ESD injection

Jiang Xiao, MUST
David Pommerenke, MUST
Jin Min, MUST
Wei Huang, MUST
George Muchaidze, MUST

12:30 am - 2:00 pm - Lunch Break

Poster & Demo Session 2:00 - 3:00 pm - Room

Measurement (P2)

Chair P2: A. Boyer
14-An Effective Way of Testing the Susceptibility to EMI of Custom ICs Matteo Amighini, STMicroelectronics
Mauro Merlo, STMicroelectronics
Alberto Pezzoli, magneti marelli
Fausto Calcagno, magneti marelli
Aurelio Rivizzigno, magneti marelli
Franco Fiori, Politecnico di Torino
10-Programmable PLL EMI Measurement
Shih-Yi Yuan, Feng Chia University
Hsin-I Wang, Feng Chia University
Stéphane Baffreau, IUT-Tarbes
37-Immunity of FPGA Chips by Direct Injection John Dawson, University of York
Tobias Aurand, University of York
Andrew Marvin, University of York
Martin Robinson, University of York
21-EMC study of an embedded electronic system placed in a hostile electromagnetic environment Laurent GUIBERT, ONERA Toulouse
50-Near-field probes characterization and inter-laboratory comparisons of measurements David Baudry, IRSEEM/ESIGELEC
Priscila Fernandez Lopez, IRSEEM/ESIGELEC
Benoit Ejarque, Continental
Nicolas Bigou, Continental
Lakhdar Bouchelouk, ESEO
Mohamed Ramdani, ESEO
Sébastien Serpaud, Nexio
9-Programmable PLL Frequency Conversion Estimation

Shih-Yi Yuan, Feng Chia University
Wei-Hsiung Huang, Feng Chia, University
Stéphane Baffreau, IUT-Tarbes
61-Differential-mode Conducted EMI Generated by SEPIC for Radar Application Kahina MOSTEFAOUI-KASRI, IRSEEM - ESIGELEC
Azzouz Yacine, IRSEEM - ESIGELEC
Bélahcène Mazari,IRSEEM - ESIGELEC
Philippe Eudeline, THALES GROUP
12-EMC filter based on complementary split-ring resonators for audio applications

Ignacio Gil, UPC
Raúl Fernández, UPC
Marc Pous, UPC
Ferran Silva, UPC
20-Near-field immunity investigation of integrated circuits Sofiane Atrous, IRSEEM/ESIGELEC
Bélahcène Mazari, IRSEEM/ESIGELEC
Didier Blavette, IRSEEM/ESIGELEC
25-Performance of a Brokaw bandgap due RF coupled disturbances

Philipp Schröter, Technical University of Ilmena
Frank Klotz, Infineon
46-Assessment of the Immunity of a Dual-Core 16-Bit Microcontroller to Near-Field Injection Stéphane Baffreau, IUT-Tarbes
Richard Perdriau, ESEO
Shih-Yi Yuan, Feng-Chia University

Session S1 3:00 - 4:40 pm - Amphi

SiP, SoC EMC (s1)

Chair S1: R. Gillon, S-Y. Yuan
27 - Hybrid-Model and Experimental Verification of Non-coherent Ultra Wide-Band Transceiver System-in-Package (SiP)
Changwook Yoon, KAIST
Jiseong Kim, KAIST
Joungho Kim, KAIST
52 - A New Grounding Scheme to Reduce the Electromagnetic Emission of Smart Power SoCs

Franco Fiori, Politecnico di Torino
Marco Merlin, ismb
59 - Electrical Model of a Microcontroller for EMC Analysis

Yamarita Villavicencio, Politecnico di Torino
Francesco Musolino, Politecnico di Torino
Franco Fiori, Politecnico di Torino
64 - Prediction of TEM-Cell Emissions from a Microcontroller Model

Hemant Bishnoi, MUST
Shaohua Li, Brocade
Jason Whiles, Texas Instruments
Pius Ng, Apache
Haixiao Weng, Texas Instruments
David Pommerenke, MUST
Daryl Beetner, MUST
63 - Comparing the Efficiency of a Clock-Signal Modulation Technique for System-on-Chip in Conducted Versus Radiated EMI Environments Jorge Semião, Univ. of Algarve – UAlg / EST
Judite Freijedo, Universidad de Vigo
Fabian Vargas, Catholic University - PUCRS
Marcelino Santos, IST / INESC-ID Lisboa
Isabel Teixeira, IST / INESC-ID Lisboa
Juan Jose Rodriguez-Andina, Universidad de Vigo
João Paulo Teixeira, IST / INESC-ID Lisboa

4:40-5:00 - Coffee Break close to ORATORIO

Invited talk 5:00- 5:30 pm


Invited speaker: Dr. Denis GRIOT, CEO Freescale SAS Toulouse , introduced by Dr. Mohamed RAMDANI, vice-chair of EMC Compo 09 (More information...)

Closing ceremony & Best papers 5:30 - 6:00

  • Best Paper of EMC Compo 09
  • Best student presentation
  • Best poster
  • Award selection and nomination under the supervision of Dr. Sonia BEN DHIA, Scientific Chair, and Dr. Bertrand VRIGNON, scientific co-chairs of EMC Compo 09

      Concluding PPT slides presented by E. Sicard

    --+ End day 3 | End of EMC Compo 09 Workshop +--


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