EMC Compo 09 - Scientific Topics

T1 - Measurement of IC susceptibility

T2 - Measurement of IC emission

T3 - IC emission modelling

T4 - IC susceptibility modelling

T5 - IC EMC design and guidelines

T6 - System-on-Chip EMC

T7 - IC EMC standards and regulations

T8 - IC level EMC Education and e-learning

T9 - IC Models Exploitation for System Level EMC

T10 - EMC issues in smart power ICs

T11 - Tools to handle EMC at IC level

T12 - EMC Issues in next generation ICs

T13 - EMC issues in System-in-Package (SiP)

T14 - Signal integrity and Power Integrity

T15 - IC EMC in wireless communications

T16 - Harsh Environment effect on IC EMC

T17 - Materials for improve EMC of ICs

T18 - EMC of ICs for biomedical applications