Welcome to Toulouse

We give below some information about the different steps of your trip to Toulouse. First is a general statement of our official airline carrier, AIR FRANCE, and then more details about procedures, reservations, connections in Paris, etc. Some details are then given about railway connections.
Be aware that Toulouse is 600 km south from Paris and that travelling by train takes quite a lot of time and may not be the cheapest solution.


Flying through PARIS Airports


Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport

Except for a few direct Air France flights to Toulouse (from London-H, Madrid, Milano, Munich, Geneva, Dusseldorf, ..), travellers need to fly via Paris, mainly CDG airport. If you have an international flight arriving in Paris, the Paris-Toulouse leg is cheap. Connections are either from CDG airport or Orly (a flight almost every half an hour, with the Shuttle). Note that flights in CDG are often subject to delays, as in major international airports around the world. A delay of half an hour is quite frequent, so plan your connections with care. You should plan between 2 and 3 hours for the connections, due to delays.

Paris Orly Airport


A good alternative is to have a connection via Orly. Flights are much more on time there. Orly is the second largest airport in Paris, it is about 30 kms from CDG, and is mainly devoted to national flights. Air France operates from Orly WEST (first stop if you use the free Air France bus). If you arrive at CDG (or leave from it when departing) with an Air France flight, you can get a free coach ticket to go to Orly / CDG. Tickets are obtained from an Air France desk, just after the baggage delivery area. Coaches are Air France coaches, don't confuse them with shuttles connecting the different terminals. In Orly West, Hall 2, is the Shuttle for Toulouse, about from 6.30 AM till 9.00 PM, every half an hour, except around noon, with hourly flights. They are operated by Airbus A319 and A320 and offer a quite large seat capacity. If you miss your flight, just ask to be on the waiting list, and you won't have to wait for a long time to get a seat. Buses to Orly leave CDG airport every 20 minutes (mns). The trip between the 2 airports takes between 40mns and 1 hour and 20mns depending on the importance of the traffic congestion.


Arrival in Toulouse Blagnac Airport


Toulouse airport is smaller than Paris airports. If your bagage has been checked in for your whole trip, and if you are coming from a non-Schengen country, you must collect it in the international arrivals area (delivery areas 3 or 4), not in the national area. Then you need to go through customs (not always very visible, though).
The best solution to go to Toulouse downtown is then to take the shuttle bus: arrival level, hall 1, every 20mns at the hour past 10, 30 and 50 minutes. Fare is <XXX EUR> one way, return ticket, valid 2 months is <EUR xxx>.


Navette To Toulouse

It takes about 20mn to reach "Compans Caffarelli", a little bit before the terminal "Gare Routière", the bus station, adjacent to the railway station.


Taxi To Toulouse

An alternative is taking a taxi from the airport (about 30 EUR). You don't need to tip them, nor to pay any additional tax (except for bagage), even if they ask for it.

Travelling by TRAIN

All trains arrive at the Gare Matabiau in Toulouse, very centrally located. Toulouse is at about 6 hours by train from Paris, and a night from Nice and Lyon. Unfortunately, although you may travel using the TGV, the high-speed section is only close to PARIS. You may need to change train in the middle of the night. WEB site for French National Railways: SNCF. where you can get international train schedules. Plan sufficient connection time, especially if you commute in Paris. Trains are subject from time to time to strikes, less in summer time, though.


Subway stations

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