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USFQ Ecuador Master nano electronics - Course ASIC design Microwind Etienne SicardJune 2018 - A 2-weeks training in nano-CMOS cell design using Microwind, with the second promotion of students of the Master of nano-electronics of UFSQ Ecuador, created by Lionel Trojman.
Hakuna Matata Lodge Ecuador Incredible natureJune 2018 - The incredible Hakuna Matata Lodge close to Tena, Ecuador. In the middle of nature, birds, a memorable stay.
Formation VOCALAB ParisAvril 2018 - Formation VOCALAB à Paris: introduction au bilan de la voix altérée et pathologique, et à la rééducation orthophonique avec Anne MENIN SICARD


Training EMC of ICs INSA 2017
Sept. 2017 - Training EMC of ICs organized in cooperation with A. Boyer, for electronics engineers from various companies, as part of INSA continuing education.
EMC Compo 2017 St Petersburg visit
July 2017 - Visit of St Petersburg with my parents after the conference EMC Compo organized for the first time in Russia.
Master nano UFSQ Microwind Ecuador
June 2017 - A 2-weeks training in nano-CMOS cell design using Microwind, with the first promotion of students of the Master of nano-electronics of UFSQ Ecuador, created by Lionel Trojman.
Sicard Michel Nicole and family
May 2017 - A family meeting in the Pyrenees mountains.
PhD Veljko Tomasevic 2017 Laas Cnrs
Feb. 2017- PhD defense of V. Tomasevic, with members of the jury: A. Boyer, M. Ramdani, S. Ben Dhia and G. Duchamp, at LAAS/CNRS.


Vocalab training strasbourg 2016
Nov. 2016 - Vocalab training in Strasbourg, Nov. 2016, explaining how to interpret spectrograms to speech therapists ...

Esperes winter 2016

Nov. 2016 - Storing wood for the winter with my brother Paul, parents, and family...

Présentation livre deboeck solal évaluation réhabilitation voix toulouse
Oct. 2016 - Presentation of our book "Evaluation and Therapy of Voice, De Boeck Solal, 2016" at a book event in Toulouse, with my wife Anne
Jaysingpur India College JJ Magdum
Sept. 2016 - Invited talk with V. Sharma (left) for the inauguration of a Center for Excellence and Industry-Institute Interaction, Jaysingpur, India, at the College of Engineering JJ Magdum, principal Dr. Gupta (right).
Pune India College JJ Magnum
Sept. 2016 - Conference at Pune University, dept. of Electronics, India, about trends in nano-cmos design (slides on-line)
Pune India 2016 Ni2Designs
Aug. 2016 - Two weeks stay in Pune, India, with ni2designs team for preparing new versions of Microwind
48h Dijon Affamée Solal Moisan
July 2016 - My half second participation as actor in the movie "famished" ("Affamée" in French) 48h short movie contest. Directed by Solal MOISAN.
Visit Mr Okawa Japanese Embassy France at INSA
March 2016 - Visit of Mr. Okawa, Japan Embassy in Paris, at INSA & ISAE, with formal meeting with Prof. B. Raquet , director of INSA, at his right, and Prof. P. Dauchez from GEI (former attaché scientifique at French Embassy Tokyo) at his left. I benefited in 1988-89 of a 18-month post-doc financed by Japanese Ministry of Education & Research (MEXT) at Hiroshima & Osaka Universities.
All 4 at Cuba Hoy 2016 Tournefeuille
Feb. 2016 - Daniel, Anne, Etienne & Camille just after the succesfull Tango event with Cuarteto Fueye and Cuarteto Tafi at Cuba Hoy Festival, Feb. 2016, Tournefeuille.

Feb. 2016 - Cuarteto Fueye with Fernando Maguna (Bandoneon), Sylvie Perodeau-Gomez (Piano) and Jorge Saraniche (Voice), at Cuba Hoy Festival, Tournefeuille. Four videos by Daniel Sicard & Oscar Chevillard are available on YouTube:


VOCALAB training Nancy 2015
Nov. 2015 - VOCALAB training in Nancy, at the training center of Lydie Morel.
VOCALAB at Berloz, University of Liege, Belgium
Nov. 2015 - Expert meeting with A. Remacle, F. Stegen, M. De Bodt, Y. Maryn, J. Schoentgen, etc. about VOCALAB at Berloz, at the home of Dominique Morsomme, professor at the University of Liege, Belgium.

Nov. 2015 - Talking about the future needs of industry at EMC Compo 2015
EMC Compo 2015 at Murrayfields stadium Edinburgh
Nov. 2015 - Rugby fighting with M. Ramdani, general chair of EMC Europe 2017, at Murrayfields stadium, as part of EMC Compo 2015
Meeting with ni2designs in Paris Oct 15

Oct. 2015 - Seminar with ni2designs B. Purohit and V. Sharma, to discuss about the future release of Microwind
Training VOCALAB Oct 15

Oct. 2015 - Training in Marseille for speech therapists about VOCALAB & DIADOLAB

Puybegon 2015
August 2015 - Busy summer at country-side house near Puybegon, Tarn, with my son, two of his friends, and my daughter.

July 2015 - Seminar at FNO about research on voice pathologies with the research team ERU15 from LURCO labs, Paris (PPT online)
JMV 2015 Albi Anne VOCALAB
April 2015 - With Anne, Speech Therapist, we participated to the World Voice Day in Albi. Anne is placing the microphone at a given distance and displays the patient's voice characteristics in real time using VOCALAB
(Paper in La Dépêche in French)

April 2015 - My son Daniel wearing perfectly my official army suit, kept religiously since 1984 by my mother in law!

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