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Microwind is a friendly educational tool for designing and simulating nano-CMOS circuits at layout level. (more..)

Design of SRAM 6T with Microwind

DSCH is the companion software for logic design, based on basic gates and hierarchical logic circuit simulation (more..)

DSCH logic circuit simulator

Download the free ‘lite’ version of the tools from www.microwind.net web site owned by ni2designs India (more).

Download slides, manuals, application notes, PPT slides, and learn more about books published around Microwind and Dsch (more...)

Students have conduced projects using Microwind and Dsch and have put online their reports (more...)



New: 2017-06 :App. note on 7-nm FinFET  (more...)

New: 2017-06 :App. note on 10-nm FinFET  (more...)

New: 2017-05 : App. note on 14-nm FinFET in Microwind (more...)

Application note Microwind 14-nm

2017-06 : An e-learning cours on nano-CMOS design (more...)

2016-08 Future trends in Nano-CMOS, Univ. Pune, India (more...)

2015-02 : A tutorial on 20-nm technology (more...)

20nm technology in Microwind

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Update: June 2017